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Sterling Pointe Family Dentistry

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Our state-of-the-art dental facility offers several advantages to our patients.

All of our treatment rooms are computerized. This allows us to maximize use of critical information during appointments.

We also have digital xrays and intra-oral photography. These allow us to see fine details in the intricate dental structures. Digital xrays and photos are often used to better communicate with patients and dental specialists. In addition, digital xrays reduce our patient xray exposure to less than 1/6 that of standard xrays and require none of the hazardous chemicals needed to develop standard film-type xrays.

Our office uses a hospital-grade sterilizer, which is monitored by an independent laboratory to ensure patient safety. We employ the services of an infection-control specialist for regular staff training and updates. He also makes periodic office inspections, unannounced, to assure that correct safety procedures are followed.

Our soft-tissue laser is very effective in the treatment of periodontal pockets by greatly reducing the pathogens which cause deepening of pockets. Periodontal disease is a bacterial infection in the pockets around teeth. When a periodontal pocket becomes deeper than 3 mm, it becomes difficult or impossible for you to maintain cleanliness. Bacteria form colonies within the pocket, damaging the health of the delicate gum tissue. These bacteria also cause deposits of tartar to form on the teeth which harbor even more bacterial colonies, and a chain reaction of destruction begins.

To address the underlying infection that causes periodontal disease, it is important to reduce or eliminate the bacterial colonies.

Before we remove the tartar, it is often recommended to decontaminate the pockets using a gentle stream of laser light energy that specifically targets and destroys bacteria. This can result in a reduction of bacterial colonies of over 90%!

After careful and thorough removal of the tartar deposits, the laser is again used in selected sites to specifically remove diseased tissue, leaving healthy tissue and stimulating healing. Our diode laser is designed to specifically target the deeper pigmented diseased tissue. The laser also helps increase circulation at the bottom of the pocket and helps rejuvenate the gum attachment to the tooth, creating an environment for the return to a healthy state.

Our soft-tissue laser is also very effective for treating cold sores and canker sores, especially when they are treated early.